About Us

We at EVERVE saw that people are not open to adopting EV’s because of factors like long charging times, range anxiety, battery cost, and off-course boring designs. We wanted to make this transformation easy for consumers by providing them a product that is a solution to all these issues. We want to become the advocates of this transformation by leading with example, for our consumers and competitors.

One of the major reasons that bring the auto industry into the spotlight is the pollution created by the ICE engines. Due to which it faces constant pressure from consumers and the government alike to become more environment-friendly. The obvious solution to this problem is electrification. EV’s are more fuel-efficient and are characterized by low emissions. The creation of the prototype of this environment-friendly e-scooter is our way of giving back to nature.

We have pledged to build something that would meet global standards, in terms of design, engineering and quality.